​Mom, Why do you Keep Going to Work?

Update! Nu har musikvideon till Marias rap låt släppts! Detta vill du inte missa, följ länken: https://youtu.be/t3ZpM_1DNr8

Ok, here I got the chance! I can explain to my child what I do and maybe spark an interest into working with infrastructure.

How is that done the best way?

I decided to rap!

It turned out to a family production. Press play to listen to why my work is awesome!

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/Maria - PMO-manager Öst


Mom, why do you keep going to work??
I wake up in the morning,
walk down the stair.
Have a cup of coffee,
then I start to care.
Give kisses to family, I love them so,
And after that I'm ready, ready to go.

My work is awesome,
I plan to move the ground,
My work is awesome,
I make traveling sound.

Some days I take metro,
then I take the bus.
It's rather flippin' cool
they can transport all of us.
Many made an effort to make this system tick,
That makes me very proud to be an infrastructure chick.

Now what is deal with what I do every day,
Why should it be so fun with Infra anyway?
Let me tell you why, how this could be my call.
Suppose it's not a secret.
I'll tell it to you all!

So if you want to travel, near or somewhere far.
Take the bike, take the train or maybe a car,
If your trip feel smooth and safe and nice in the surrounding,
Then think of them who made it so,
We call ourselves OUTSTANDING!!

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